Toyota has begun work on developing an environmentally friendly hydrogen generator that will be capable of producing up to 100 kg of the fuel per hour. That's twelve times more than before. To do this, the carmaker has entered into a strategic partnership with Chiyoda, the production technology provider and equipment developer.

A pilot program to introduce a new green hydrogen production system at the Toyota Honsha hydrogen park will be launched next year. 
Last March, Toyota unveiled a prototype emission-free hydrogen generator for industrial use using water electrolysis technology. The electrolyser, developed jointly with Denso, was created from components of Toyota's second-generation fuel cell kit.

As a result, hydrogen could be mass-produced using the same technology used to produce the fuel cells for the Toyota Mirai hydrogen car. Toyota and Denso's prototype can produce up to 8 kg of feedstock per hour.

The new strategic partnership between Toyota and Chiyoda Corporation aims to develop a large-scale hydrogen production system by electrolysis of water. This system should stand out on the market for its efficiency and compact size.

The work of the engineers from both companies will result in a standardised 5 MW class unit, 6 metres long and 2.5 metres wide, which occupies only about half the floor space of the solutions currently available on the market. To ensure easy installation in any production hall, the modules will be designed to be easily combined into large facilities with industrial hydrogen production capabilities.

In the development process, Toyota will also focus on benefits such as ease of transportation, shorter installation time at the customer site, lower costs for connection to the power plant and transmission grid, and ease of maintenance.

The company will also pay considerable attention to system stability, reliability and low cost of ownership, drawing on its long experience as a manufacturer of the most durable and reliable vehicles.

The pilot program to introduce a new green hydrogen production system at the Honsha Hydrogen Park will be expanded to the 10 MW class in the future and will be used to further develop hydrogen solutions for the industry.

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