The well-known football goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík is currently playing for the Spanish second league club Albacete. What is his daily rhythm, how does he cope with the demands of the Spanish league, and how does he spend his free time with his family? In the interview, he also shares his methods of recovery after training and matches, including working with hydrogen company H2 World Health & Beauty.

Tomas, can you tell us about your current engagement in Spain? How do you like living in this country and what is your daily rhythm?
My current engagement is in the Spanish second league Albacete. It is a traditional Spanish club in the city of Albacete, which is located about two hours away from Madrid. My daily schedule is to take the girls to school in the morning. And because Albacete is a small town, it was only a three or four minute drive to the training center. So that program I can drive the girls to school, go to practice, go home, and then pick up the girls.

The Spanish soccer league is known for its high level. What do you see as the biggest challenges in this competition and how do you deal with them?
The league has a huge quality, which a lot of people in the Czech Republic are not even able to realize. I see the biggest benefit of the competition as its evenness, because those teams that were promoted, for example, were able to lose regularly to teams that were playing for salvation. I think that was the biggest challenge - the high quality and evenness of the competition and being prepared to the maximum every weekend to be able to succeed in that game.


Recently you have established a cooperation with the hydrogen company H2 World Health & Beauty. What attracted you to this company and why did you decide to associate your name with them?
I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try their products and they make me feel good, I feel like they help me. So it was nice to get that collaboration and I think there's still a lot of athletes or a lot of people that don't know the effects of hydrogen yet, so it's definitely going to be nice to promote this brand and get it out there so that other people start using it.

What are the benefits for you of the hydrogen water that you are promoting with H2 World? Are you seeing any specific improvements in yourself?
I think hydrogen water and water itself is extremely important for everyone to stay well hydrated and for the body to function properly. And in conjunction with hydrogen, I think this is even more enhanced. The body gets used to it and functions properly. And in terms of recovery, it's extremely important for us athletes to be able to train fully every day or the day after a game. And that's what hydrogen does for me. So the benefits there are clear and I would recommend it to anyone. Of course, also as part of recovery it is essential to sleep well, eat healthy and take care of yourself.

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