DM DROGERIE MARKT, a leader on the Czech drugstore market, has started offering health and beauty products based on the beneficial effects of Molecular Hydrogen®. Since the end of last year, the company has been gradually introducing H2 World Health & Beauty Company products into all of its 246 stores in the Czech Republic. In some DM drugstores, you can now buy, for example, H2 IMMUNITY (30 tablets) or H2 FORTE (60 tablets).

"The cooperation we have just started with DM DROGERIE MARKT, one of the best European drugstore chains, is another milestone in our company's expansion," says Peter Spodniak, CEO of H2 World Health & Beauty Company. "I believe that DM drugstore customers will quickly discover the amazing effects of molecular hydrogen on their health and vitality."

The DM DROGERIE MARKT chain of stores was founded in Germany in 1973 by Professor Götz Wolfgang Werner. From the beginning, the chain has distinguished itself from most other stores by its approach to all its customers, employees and business partners - for it recognizes and honors each individual as a beautiful, dignified and unique being. It puts each person at the centre of its focus. That is why for many years it has used the slogan "Here I am human, here I shop", a paraphrase of Goethe's Faust: "Here I am human, here I can be myself".

Today, DM DROGERIE MARKT is the market leader in the European drugstore market with a turnover of 12.3 billion euros.