Yoga lovers around the world practice the Sun Salutation every morning, "Victorious Sun, obvious to all, you shine throughout space, bearer of daylight...". In doing so, they are honoring a star that is made up mostly of hydrogen. Hydrogen makes up three quarters of the Sun's mass and it is the source of the enormous energy that the Sun constantly radiates throughout the solar system.

The Sun provides 99% of our planet's energy, in other words, it supplies the surface of our planet with light and heat. The Sun is the basic condition for the creation and existence of life on our planet. It is also the origin and sustainer of all the other important processes that take place on Earth, such as the water cycle and the flow of air...


The sun is geometrically an almost perfect sphere. It's a ball of hot plasma 109 times the diameter of the Earth. The sun has been shining for 4.6 billion years and scientists estimate it will continue to shine for about 6.5 billion more. In that time, almost all the hydrogen in the sun's core will have been burned up. 

The sun has many positive effects on human health. For example: it strengthens the immune system, promotes the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduces stress levels, promotes quality sleep, ultraviolet sunlight induces the production of vitamin D in the human skin...

In all ages and in all cultures the Sun has been a symbol of life, rebirth, strength and immense power. Consider, for example, the Egyptian sun god Re (the Sun), the highest of the ancient Egyptian gods, the Greek god Apollo, or the powerful French king Louis XIV, who was known as the Sun King. But the Sun is also a symbol of perfection, the way of life, courage and truthfulness. Elvis Presley once said: "Truth is like the sun. You can hide it for a time, but it will come out again." 

Petr Hušek