The Ostrava-based company H2 Global Group, specializing in products and services with molecular hydrogen in the fields of medicine, sports, agriculture and animal husbandry, took the role of one of the main partners of the inspiring conference Paths to the Top, which took place on 20 January in Ostrava at the Gong Auditorium.

Hydrogen water was clearly the main drink during the afternoon, when well-known and highly successful personalities openly shared raw truths about careers, business and the price of their know-how at Ostrava Gong. Rytmus, Leoš Mareš, Ondřej Novotný, Zbyněk Irgl, Erika Eliášová or Petr Bílek talked about what drives them to continue in their work and what visions they have.

Products H2 Global Group. Photo source: Cesty na vrchol

During the breaks, conference participants had the opportunity to personally experience the effects of molecular hydrogen - from inhalation to tasting H2 Premium hydrogen water. At the stand of H2 Global Group, they could see all the devices for the production of molecular hydrogen - hydrogen generators from small hydrogen bottles to professional powerful devices such as H2 NanoTech Generator, which creates nanobubbles, or the first Czech hydrogen bike H2 Bike.


First czech hydrogen bike H2 Bike. Photo source: Cesty na vrchol

The interest in this modern topic in the field of medicine was significant. Molecular hydrogen is still somewhat mysterious, but its anti-inflammatory effects, regeneration support and high antioxidant capacity have attracted a lot of attention.

Journeys to the top - Six life stories together
Journeys to the Top offered participants a day of unique talks from well-known personalities. The event featured six well-known speakers whose stories, highs and lows have never been heard before. Attendees gained insight, advice and inspiration for finding their own path in different spheres of life. Journeys to the Top not only provided valuable information, but also stimulated personal development and the discovery of new possibilities. The event ended with an afterparty with Leoš Mareš.