A unique investment opportunity of up to 15 % per year. This is not a joke or a dream. The investment company Molecular HydroGen investment Group has launched the sale of a golden issue, where people can buy the most lucrative bonds of the H2 Group. „H2 World Health & beauty company has the longest history and a completely fundamental position in the H2 Global Group, all products are distributed through this company," says the Vice President of H2 Global Group Mr. Květoslav Chytil. „Company H2 city has just introduced the combination of virtual reality and hydrogen," adds Martin Frais, Director of Molecular HydroGen investment Group.

Hydrogen over gold - you even had this slogan trademarked. Do you really think it is better to invest in hydrogen than gold?
MF: Given the fluctuating price of gold, we believe that it is definitely a better investment because our Group's Hydrogen Bonds are stable and have a fixed yield.

How large a volume will you be issuing?
KCH: This is a total issue of CZK 24 million, a total of 480 bonds, each worth CZK 50 000, which is also the minimum purchase.

Who can invest in molecular hydrogen?
MF: Qualified investors, companies and also individuals who, like us, believe in the hydrogen economy can invest. This is medium-term financing. Owners of successful Czech companies or foundations also invest.

You promise investors up to 15% return on their investment. How is it possible that you can offer so much in today's uncertain times?
KCH: H2 Global Group is a group that develops, patents, manufactures, distributes and markets products. Because of this uniqueness, we are leaders in the medical market in Europe, which allows us to grow exponentially. We turnover our investors' funds and can afford a monthly payout period.

If I decide to invest my savings in your company, how will it work? what do I need to do?
MF: The purchase of hydrogen bonds takes place in an online secure platform. We will invite you to this application via email. After registration, you can choose from the current range of issues, inquire about all the details related to the issue and also purchase the bonds. It is a very quick and transparent process that anyone can handle.

How risky is this investment?
KCH: In terms of the uniqueness of molecular hydrogen and the positive effect on the human body, investing in hydrogen is safe. We are implementing a successful business model that has allowed us to grow in the post-covid era. We are currently expanding into neighbouring countries where we will multiply this business model.

What will the funding be used for?
MF: We are using investor funds to develop and manufacture our own products and devices, as well as to trade and expand into foreign markets.

Until when does this action last?
KCH: The campaign lasts until the bonds are sold out. We are currently registering high interest in our bonds, so I recommend all investors to react quickly.

„I feel the strength of my investment!“

Marek Beláň, CEO of the construction company BelmarTeam, decided to invest in the hydrogen future of H2 Global Group based on the recommendation of an expert. This is despite the fact that he has no personal experience with the products and devices. "I'm not worried about my money," he says to others who are still hesitant to invest 15% a year, adding: "Hydrogen is an interesting commodity for the future!"

How did you find out about H2 Global Group? What do you know about the company, do you use any of the company's products yourself?
I got information about your company from my financial advisor. I have not tried any of your products yet.

Why did you decide to invest with H2 investment?
Investment has an interesting appreciation for me and I believe that hydrogen is an interesting community for the future, which is why I am not worried about my investment.

How did the whole investment process work? Was the information clear to you?
The investment process was smooth and all information was clear and easy to understand.

What do you think about the possibility of appreciating your deposit up to 15 % per year?
A deposit appreciation of up to 15 % per annum is more than a fair offer for a product where I feel secure in my investment and not worried about my money.

Would you recommend investing in hydrogen with H2 investment to your friends and acquaintances?
I'm not a financial expert, so I wouldn't convince anyone where to invest their money, but I have no problem spreading the word among my friends about where I personally invest.